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Meet Matt Wadsworth

Realtor in UtahMy mission is to provide you expertise and sound legal advice commensurate with the fees paid in a real estate transaction. View my legal biography herearnoldwadsworth matt wadsworth bio 

Matt Wadsworth, is a Utah licensed attorney and Real Estate Agent.  In addition, he has extensive real estate litigation experience in both state and federal court. He has processed thousands of foreclosures and evictions and is now turning his attention to giving traditional real estate transactions the attention they deserve. Matt has been published by multiple sources, has been awarded a Rising Star by SuperLawyers in multiple years, recognized as a Top 10 Bankruptcy Attorney and Top 10 Family Law attorney in Utah as well as receiving the prestigious “10” by He prevailed against Mountain America Credit Union before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals along with earning the acclaimed CALI Award in Real Estate Finance and Development during law school along with tying for the highest marks in Land Use Zoning and Planning. There is literally no award of any significance that Matt has not earned during his legal career.

Added Value

For many, the decision to buy and/or sell their house is one of the most critical decision in their lives.  Please don’t fall victim and the trap of choosing a friend, distant relative, or a cheerleader type as your agent-you know who I’m talking about.  Get the kind of representation you need and are paying for. The average commission paid to the agents involved in a transaction is over $16,000!  It would take over 80 hours for an attorney to earn that amount of money and the two agents will work roughly 8 hours total on a given transaction-staggering.

With so much money switching hands, you deserve the highest level of competence and training on your side, and you deserve to have representation by a person who can explain to you what the documents mean-something regular agents are forbidden to do!

Did You Know?

  • A home sale is a legal transaction.
  • A home sale involves multiple parties and transactions that have both legal and non-legal consequences.
  • A home sale can have significant tax consequences for you and your family.
  • The Utah Division of Real Estate believes it is YOUR responsibility to protect your own interests and to consult with a licensed attorney or accountant not a real estate agent.
  • The vast majority of real estate agents in Utah have only taken a 60 hour class to obtain a license to buy/sell real estate. This is roughly two years less than what it takes to get a license to cut hair in Utah.
  • Real Estate Agents are prohibited from interpreting the legal effect of the standard sales contract or give you advise on how to write addendums.  Yet, real estate agents are asked to render advice everyday on how that contract affects you, and advise you on addendum language all the time despite being prohibited from doing so.

The knowledge and experience that Matt can bring to the negotiation and interpretation of your sales contract, and the legal meaning behind the standardized contracts can be an invaluable asset to you and your family.  It can save you thousands of dollars at the settlement table.

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